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Category: Eye Health

Category: Eye Health

HydroEye® Softgel Vitamins for Dry Eye Relief

It is estimated that 1 out of 5 American adults suffer from dry eye. Dry eye occurs when our eyes do not produce enough tears or the tears produced do not have normal chemical makeup. HydroEye is a unique, proprietary blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and other nutrients that support a healthy… Read More

Blepharitis, what is it?

Blepharitis is a common,  inflammation along the edges of the eyelids. Bacteria normally reside on the skin, but in some people they thrive in the skin at the base of the eyelashes where nearby oil glands become overactive causing your eyelids to appear greasy and crusted with dandruff -like scales that cling to your eyelashes…. Read More

April is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

More than 40% of eye injuries every year are related to sports or recreational activities, yet a staggering 90% of all sports-related eye injuries can be avoided with the proper protective eyewear. Eye injuries in the U.S. are the leading cause of blindness in children and most injuries in school-aged children are sports-related. Currently, most… Read More

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

The holidays are right around the corner and as you prepare to shop for toys this season please keep in mind December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Dr. Greenberg reminds parents of the dangers that some toys may pose to children’s eyes. Safety is often the last thing on people’s minds when buying toys… Read More

August is National Eye Exam Month

August is national eye exam month, dedicated to the importance of eye health. Surprisingly, according to The Vision Council of America 12.2 million Americans require vision correction but don’t use any and almost 50% of parents with children under age 12 have never taken their children for an eye exam. Thorough eye exams are especially… Read More

World Sight Day 2014

Today, October 9, 2014, is World Sight Day. This is an annual event focusing on raising awareness and addressing the worldwide problem of preventable blindness and vision impairment. More than 800 million people live with vision problems often becoming worse as people age. Many believe that poor eyesight is simply an inevitable part of aging,… Read More

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

Did you know? Two-thirds of contact lens wearers are female. The average age of contact lens wearers worldwide is 31 years old. 80% of contact lens wearers use soft contact lenses. 10% of contact lens wearers are under 18 years old, 15% are between the ages of 18-24, 50% are between the ages of 25-44… Read More

Conjunctivitis: Not So Pretty in Pink

September is Children’s Health Month and since school has started there is no better time than now to talk about one of the most common eye problems among children, conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis often called “pink eye” is the inflammation of the conjunctiva (the thin membrane that covers the inside of your eyelids) and the sclera (the… Read More

Fireworks and Eye Injuries

Fireworks and Eye Injuries With the 4th of July holiday quickly approaching, Dr. Greenberg urges everyone to take extra precaution to prevent fireworks-related eye injuries. More than 9,000 fireworks injuries occur in the U.S. each year with approximately 45% of those being children under the age of 16. Eyes are among the most injured and… Read More

Suffering From Allergy Eyes?

If you are like me you can’t wait for spring, but along with the arrival of spring in Michigan comes the start of allergy season. Not only do I suffer from sneezing and nasal congestion but also itchy, watery eyes. Eye allergies also known as allergic conjunctivitis affects 1 in 5 people in the U.S…. Read More


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