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August is National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month

August is national eye exam month, dedicated to the importance of eye health. Surprisingly, according to The Vision Council of America 12.2 million Americans require vision correction but don’t use any and almost 50% of parents with children under age 12 have never taken their children for an eye exam.

Thorough eye exams are especially important during preschool years. This is when Dr. Greenberg often finds and treats abnormalities that will interfere with future ocular development, such as amblyopia (lazy eye). Also, your child’s vision should be checked annually during the grade school years. Fortunately, most vision problems found during this time can be corrected by wearing eyeglasses.

You may think you have healthy eyes and are not having any vision problems but adults should have an annual eye exam as well. Some eye diseases have no symptoms and can only be detected during an eye exam. If you have a family history of eye disease or a chronic illness that can affect your vision, this puts you at greater risk and therefore important you have your eyes checked more often than most.

Seniors are especially prone to vision problems as they age. Contact Dr. Greenberg if you are experiencing blurred vision with your glasses, constant eye pain, sensitivity to light, red eyes, burning sensation, constant watering or black spots in your vision. Although seniors are more prone to problems with their eyes, routine eye exams can help treat and possibly prevent long-term issues.

If you have any questions regarding your eyes and would like to speak to one of our certified ophthalmic technicians please don’t hesitate to call us at (248) 649-2820.


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